From CA at the age of 23 to being a Mompreneur: Know Krushnali’s Journey of Empowering Moms in Small Towns

Case StudyFrom CA at the age of 23 to being a Mompreneur: Know...

Krushnali, a young woman from the close-knit town of Wardha, had a seemingly conventional path laid out before her. Growing up with a lawyer father and a homemaker mother, she followed suit, becoming a CA at the young age of 23. However, Krushnali’s story takes a turn when she experiences life in Mumbai, a stark contrast to her hometown.

Witnessing the readily available resources and support systems for pregnant women, she realizes the stark difference faced by mothers in Wardha. This realization ignites a passion within her, leading her down a path of entrepreneurship and empowerment.

Her Life back in Wardha

Small town

They made the decision to return to Wardha in 2016. In an effort to clear their minds and gain a fresh perspective on life, they embarked on a backpacking trip to the UK. After which she intended to keep working while her husband would quit, but the scenario flipped. Her husband, a remote healthcare lawyer, continued working as a lawyer whereas she decided to quit her job.

Upon their return, life took an unexpected turn as she discovered she was expecting. Despite initial plans to pursue UPSC and engage in coaching, the revelation of her pregnancy shifted their focus. Upon their return to Wardha, they welcomed their baby into the world. Her husband, despite residing in Wardha, began frequently travelling to Mumbai for work. The intricacies of family life and professional commitments added a new dimension to their journey.

Life was always very peaceful in Wardha, I wanted my child to grow up here. Wardha made me feel complete.

Why CA?

Krushnali’s upbringing was shaped by strong family values and a disciplined environment. Her elder sister, a doctor, served as a constant source of inspiration, but also ignited a desire for independence. This yearning, coupled with the limited career options in Wardha, led her to pursue Chartered Accountancy (CA).

Although successful in her field, Krushnali found herself unfulfilled, eventually leaving her comfortable job to prioritize her family and return to Wardha.


Life took another turn with motherhood, highlighting the stark difference in resources available to pregnant women in urban and small-town settings. Witnessing the confusion and lack of knowledge among mothers in Wardha, Krushnali saw an opportunity to bridge the gap.

This realization sparked the creation of her brand, starting with a WhatsApp support group for mothers in similar situations.

Driven by a deep passion for her cause, Krushnali started her journey of self-education, taking numerous courses to better understand the needs of her community.

Her support group blossomed into a haven for mothers, offering a sense of community and shared experiences, especially during those late-night anxieties.


However, Krushnali’s journey is not without its challenges. As a CA, venturing into the realm of healthcare faced initial skepticism, especially considering the lack of a medical degree. Undeterred, she diligently pursued various courses to enhance her knowledge and credibility.

Another hurdle was her own limited tech-savviness, pushing her to embrace platforms like Instagram to reach a wider audience. Leaving behind a stable career as a CA was a significant decision, met with resistance from family and friends who couldn’t comprehend her shift.


Leaving a stable career path like CA was another hurdle, requiring her to navigate societal expectations and convince her family of her new pursuit. The initial years were marked by financial uncertainty and the burden of proving the value of her work. In her words,

“Chote shehro mei kuch nahi hota, forget about facilities and resources, they are not even aware about the basic things, that is when I decided, solving their problems is going to be my next job.”

As a CA, not a doctor, gaining credibility in the eyes of her audience proved difficult. She tackled this hurdle by collaborating with certified professionals to develop informative content addressing common queries.

Additionally, her initial lack of technical expertise led her to embrace platforms like Instagram to reach a wider audience.

Why Cosmofeed?

Initially, she managed all tasks manually, from sending UPI to receiving payments. Eventually, she transitioned to automated emails. Enlisting Cosmofeed to handle tasks proved beneficial.

Using Cosmofeed allowed her to focus on different aspects, significantly boosting productivity. The consolidation of multiple platforms into one with Cosmofeed simplified her workflow.

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Advice for Aspring Creators

Krushnali’s advice for aspiring creators is simple: stay passionate, find inspiration, but never compare your journey to others. Her story is a flare of hope, proving that with determination and a genuine desire to help others, even the most unexpected paths can lead to extraordinary impact. Moreover, she says

Follow what you love with passion. keep going and don’t give up.

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