From Zero to Earning in 6-Figure as a Digital Coach: Here’s how Rajinder Soni did it!

Case StudyFrom Zero to Earning in 6-Figure as a Digital Coach: Here's how...


Rajinder Soni’s journey isn’t just about zeroes turning into lakhs as a digital coach. He amped up his social media presence, invested wisely, and saw his income rise. Today, he offers high-value year-long programs priced in lakhs, empowering others to transform their lives. Rajinder’s dedication and strategic marketing were the driving force behind its success.

But his journey isn’t just about the money; it’s about the impact. His story is more than just about financial success; it’s a roadmap for anyone seeking to navigate the digital world, find their passion, and empower others through their unique expertise.

Rajinder, from Delhi, dreamed of cricket as a child, but his path shifted unexpectedly. Now, he’s a successful coach, guiding aspiring content creators.

Middle Class Roots & Dreams

Growing up in a middle-class family, hard work and perseverance were ingrained in Rajinder’s DNA.

“Unforgettable, would be a word that would define the bond with my family.” 

Cricket was his passion, and entrepreneurship his dream. He chased his entrepreneurial spirit, venturing into different avenues. While growing up, 

“I wanted to be an entrepreneur and have several groups of companies under my name – Rajinder Soni and companies.”

Yet, amidst the challenges, a zeal was planted – cricket wasn’t just a sport, it was a love for storytelling, for crafting narratives that captivated audiences. Later, he realised this could translate beyond the field.

The Pivotal Moment and Finding His Niche

In August 2019,

“I acquired a foundational course crafted by Internet Lifestyle Hub titled “How to Become a Digital Coach in 90 Days.” I finished it within 3 days”

and subsequently invested in an advanced course from the same company. 


This choice proved to be the best, as he successfully identified his niche.

“My niche was serving as a writing coach for freelance content writers.”

Blogs, articles, and even video tutorials – he explored different formats, each one a step closer to connecting with aspiring writers. This was it, the perfect blend of his passion for storytelling and his desire to help others succeed. 

Content Creation to Digital Coach

“Becoming a digital coach influenced me to begin creating my courses as a content creator.”

He poured his knowledge and experience into creating valuable content, resonating with his target audience. 

Pinpointing about a specific project that significantly impacted his income as a content creator was after training a couple of his batches of freelance writers and assisting them in acquiring clients, they approached him and requested camera confidence sessions.

“These sessions opened up a new avenue for my brand. 

The writers who learned public speaking from me diversified into various areas, including becoming a digital coach, YouTuber, podcaster, and voice-over artist. Utilising the time during the pandemic effectively, 

Digital Coach
I launched 22 courses and conducted numerous live training sessions.”

He underwent money mindset training from a digital marketer in Delhi and as part of the process, they rebranded his presence on social media, transforming his appearance and cultivating a personal brand. Additionally, they organised various photoshoots and video shoots for him. All these efforts significantly contributed to

“selling my courses, with each new student generating revenue of around 100,000.”Subsequently, I expanded my offerings to include 1-year programs priced at 1.5 lakhs, 2 lakhs, and even 3 lakhs per person.
Earnings 1

Navigating through the Challenges

He faced financial setbacks when he relied on personal EMIs with his clients. The challenge arises when clients don’t make timely payments, leading to financial issues. However,

Managing individual sessions and payments was cumbersome. He needed a platform, a centralised hub to share his knowledge efficiently and reach a wider audience.

Finding the Perfect Pitch: Why Cosmofeed?

Enter Cosmofeed, a platform that became Rajinder’s digital stadium.

“I use the CosmoFeed Learning Management System and a payment processor to manage the sales of my content. The process of releasing payments from my CosmoFeed wallet to my account takes only 2 seconds, making it the fastest compared to other platforms.” 

Additionally, these alternatives do not offer LMS services and often charge significant transaction fees.

The Winning Shot: Calculated Risks and Breaking

Rajinder’s success wasn’t a stroke of luck. It was fueled by dedication and strategic thinking.

“I took a calculated risk by investing more money in marketing. Although the initial results were not promising, after a few months, the entire financial risk not only paid off but also turned out to be profitable.”

His brand presence on Google, built over 23 years as a content creator, also played a crucial role in establishing trust and credibility.

Beyond the Scoreboard: Inspiring Others

Rajinder’s dedication and strategic marketing efforts paid off handsomely. His social media presence flourished, and his income soared, allowing him to offer high-value, year-long programs that empowered transformation. 


But for Rajinder, success wasn’t just about numbers; it was about inspiring others. Today, he’s not just a successful coach, but a mentor, sharing his journey and valuable insights with aspiring creators.

The Final Wicket: Key Takeaways

Rajinder’s story offers a roadmap for anyone seeking to navigate the digital world, find their passion, and empower others. Here are his key takeaways:

  • Find your niche: Identify your expertise and focus on developing it further.
  • Content is king: Create consistent, high-quality content that resonates with your audience.
  • Build your community: Engage with your audience, build relationships, and foster a supportive community.
  • Embrace diverse platforms: Utilise various platforms and experiment with different monetization strategies.
  • Lifelong learning is key: Stay updated with industry trends and adapt your approach accordingly.
  • Patience and persistence: Success takes time. Stay patient, persistent, and true to your voice.

You can also connect with Rajinder Soni on SuperProfile to know more about him.

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