“Single ho? Aajao, Date karwa denge!” How did Happy Hour reach 120k and went viral?

Case Study“Single ho? Aajao, Date karwa denge!” How did Happy Hour reach 120k...

Tanay and Aastha’s story is a viral real-life Bollywood blockbuster, right out of the movie Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani. Two solo travelers meet on a bus trip to Manali, and what starts as a random conversation blossoms into a business idea and a passionate community of 120,000 people.

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How it all began

Tanay, with his business background and knack for languages, and Aastha, with her decade-long experience in event management, found themselves seated next to each other on a bus. 

A simple question about making friends in a new place sparked a conversation that led them to brainstorm the idea of creating a space for people to connect.

Enter The Happy Hour

This wasn’t your typical speed dating scene with awkward silences and cheesy pick-up lines. The Happy Hour was about clinking glasses, making genuine connections, and having fun. They started with open mic events, but as their community grew, they saw an opportunity to do more. 

They introduced speed dating evenings, catering to the growing need for meaningful connections in a world dominated by online interactions.

Going Viral and Challenges

From open mic nights to speed dating evenings, they found their niche. But it was a random Instagram reel that catapulted them into the spotlight, with followers skyrocketing from 800 to 120,000!

Pulling together their old photos and videos they created a captivating video mashup. This medley of memories struck a chord with viewers, propelling them to viral fame overnight.

Their account got crashed overnight when they received more than 2 lakhs DMs and BOOM they went viral!

But with virality came challenges, like balancing the desire for exposure with respecting the privacy of their attendees.

The Happy Hour’s success lies in its focus on personal connection. They treat their guests like friends, not customers, creating a warm and welcoming space where people can break the ice and step outside their comfort zones.

Two Verticals of Happy Hour

1. Single Mixer:

  • More than just a casual party, this event is all about genuine connection and making new friends.
  • It’s open to everyone and focuses on fun, engaging activities that break the ice and encourage conversation.
  • Aastha highlights that even introverts find themselves stepping out of their comfort zones and having a good time.

The best part? Everyone leaves with a happy face!

2. Happy Hour Single Mixer Exclusive:

  • This invite-only event caters to singles seeking serious relationships or marriage.
  • They also assure that safety is a top priority, making female attendees feel comfortable.

Strategies that worked for Tanay and Aastha

1. Identifying a genuine need: They tapped into the desire for real-life connections beyond online dating, especially for those in their 20s and 30s.

2. Starting small and evolving: Beginning with open mic nights fostered a community and allowed them to test different formats before pivoting to speed dating.

3. Leveraging social media: Content creation, including a viral Instagram reel, played a big role in their growth. They also utilised targeted ads initially.

4. Building a welcoming community: Focusing on personal connection and treating attendees like friends differentiated them from other dating platforms.

5. Addressing user concerns: Attendees had their privacy concerns which they both respected and took into consideration.

The Heart of It All

For Tanay and Aastha, the most rewarding aspect is the impact they create on people’s lives. They’ve built a community where people can find connection, belonging, and even love.

Why They Love Cosmofeed

  • User-friendly platform for content creators.
  • Comprehensive data analysis and management tools.
  • Scalability to support their growing community.

Looking Ahead and Lessons Learned

The Happy Hour has big plans for the future, expanding beyond singles events to include couples and cater to a wider audience. Their journey is far from over, and they’re excited to see what the future holds.

Aastha’s Tips for Overcoming Stage Fright:

  • Practice consistently, but don’t wait for perfection.
  • Be yourself and stay natural.
  • Embrace opportunities and jump in!

Tanay suggests that always treat your clients very well and know what your target audience is feeling that will help you convert your potential visitors into high converting customers.

Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Tanay emphasises automation, marketing, and sales as key areas to focus on, while Aastha stresses the importance of embracing failures and learning quickly.

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